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CakePHP Expandable Behaviour Tip

When YYZtech was being updated to use the VSS (Venue Storage System) from the previous system, it became clear that VSS needed to be updated as well. One of the original goals of VSS was that it could be a directory system for different kinds of things as long as they where physical venues of some kind and so they had certain properties like an actual address, hours they open to the public, etc.

As part of that, a way of storing “meta” information was needed, that is information that was unique to a venue or type of venue that not all would have, much like WordPress lets additional information about a post be stored in a separate table which makes, say, adding an ISBN number field to book reviews easy.

CakePHP database config quick-tip

Most CakePHP programmers have seen this simple way of storing the development and production database settings in one file:

Adding robots meta-tag to a CakePHP view

Here’s a little how-to I discovered a few months ago while I was working on SimcoeDining.com and realized that Google was indexing a whole lot of mostly blank pages.

To solve this, I figured I’d better put a no-index on those pages fast; after mucking around with CakePHP’s html->meta handler (because I wanted the meta tag in the header where it belonged) and not finding anything, I came up with: