jQuery Dropping Support for IE6, IE7 and IE8 – Mixed Emotions

I came across this article from the jQuery blog, talking about future updates to version 1.9 and 2.0.

Desktop wars: Are you serious?

They still exist! No, really! KDE vs. Gnome vs. XFCE vs. blah-blah-blah

Recent experience of switching among desktop environments proved one little thing to me.  Do you all know how easy is to change your desktop background? – Well, switching desktop  environment nowadays is the same.

You don’t have to bother on the apps stack packaged with your environment. Libs conflicts – can’t even remember when was the last time I had something like that? Or installing something from source…

You just don’t want to face the fact that most of your daily work is spent in:

  • Cross-platform IDE (Eclipse, Anjuta, Netbeams, etc)
  • Web Browser (Chrome, Opera, Firerfox)
  • Console (Terminator, Konsole, gnome terminal)

What else you might need?

CakePHP 2: accessing the Request object from anywhere

If you’re working in a place other than a controller, view, helper, or component – such as an event listener, custom lib class, etc. – and need to access the CakeRequest object (which is available as $this->request in controllers/views/helpers), then use Router to get it:

$request = Router::getRequest();

Unit test your CakePHP controllers like a noob

CakePHP makes it easy for you to test your code, so here are some tips and gotchas for controller tests.

Getting Sassy with Compass and Sass

Well last night I finally took the plunge and now I don’t know what it is I was waiting for all these years.Sass enables you to create CSS with much less effort than before. It brings CSS closer to the programming language that we all wish it was.Let’s get down to some of the features.Sass FeaturesVariablesRight now,  this is going to be the feature I make the most use of. The obvious application is with color schemes.Imagine that your site follows some sort of color scheme (yes,  I know. A real stretch of the imagination). Your links, background images, borders, etc will all share common color definitions.

[CakePHP] Do !dlroW olleH using Gearman

There was recently a discussion on the CakePHP mailing list on how to get started using Gearman with CakePHP, instead of going back and forth over mails a blog post is more illustrative. The following is the code for using Gearman in CakePHP, The core php example given at http://gearman.org/index.php?id=getting_started has been ported. Gearman worker [...]

Handling Overflow

In checking out Google Flights, a design element caught my attention.

I was intrigued that they decided to have the text fade out instead of using ellipses. Inspecting the code, I expected to find an element in each cell with an image background to create the overlay. This would certainly be the most browser-compatible approach to handling text overflow, which is why I thought they took this approach.I've been a fan of text-overflow: ellipsis because of its browser support. Firefox was the last browser to support the feature, which didn't get it until version 7. Yes, Internet Explorer has support for it and has since version 6.

CakePHP Version Comparison with PHP Version Comparison

I've seen a few recent blog articles comparing the new version of PHP 5.4 to its predecessors and I thought I should get involved with this a bit as well.

To perform this test, I will layout the conditions I have chosen.  I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible.  I currently run a Dell Laptop with Windows 7 on it:

Windows NT 6.1 build 7601 (Unknown Windows version Business Edition Service Pack 1) i586

Because I often do a lot of .NET development recently I have PHP running as a CGI under IIS 7.5.

I then created a very simple .NET application that performs 100 requests of the same web page and tracks the response time.  These lists of response times are sorted and the highest and lowest responses are dropped.  The average is then calculated from this.

Introducing two new plugins for CakePHP

Did religious references in Prometheus annoy you as well? Here are some cake plugins to make you happy!

[CakePHP] Database Migration Workflow

The Problem Two developers Amit and Rakesh are working on a CakePHP project. They have a central Git repository and both are working on clones of that repository. As the code is under Git version control, it is easy to manage the changes made to code by individual developers, but when it comes to keep [...]

Creating sparkline graphs with HTML & canvas

A project I’m working on requires displaying small data driven sparkline charts. The data is a basic set of data showing activity over time.

Creating a simple API for the TV Show Tracker app

I've wanted to create a simple API for my TV Show Tracker app for some time now and I've finally got round to creating it; you can see the fruits of my labour at the bottom of the page where it's pulling in all the episodes that I've recently watched.

There's 2 parts to the API, one is the server part on my app and the other is the client which requests information and displays it. As ...

Nginx+Unicorn configuration for multi-app servers

Platform as a service is getting more and more traction recently. However it doesn’t mean that one should start developing his applications with Heroku or Engine Yard in mind from now on. Self-managed solutions, be it own dedicated servers or using cloud infrastructure (like Rackspace Cloud), are still valid choices in most situations.
At Monterail we’re maintaining tens of web applications that are hosted in all of above-mentioned environments. We developed most of them, but there are also some legacy ones (even Rails 1.2 or PHP). So there is plenty of factors that affect hosting infrastructure, and basically each app need to be evaluated individually.

CakePHP 2 - Get all public methods in a controller

Long time, no posts!
Here's a quick function to return all the public methods in a CakePHP controller. Useful if you want to build a quick navigation block while developing:

My Notes on Payment Gateways

I wrote a book. I needed to accept money in exchange for said book. How did I do that? This post goes into how I did it. This isn't a surefire way to make sure you won't get scammed, won't get your account locked, or can make millions by following a few easy steps. Like my notes on writing an e-book, these are my notes on what I did and why I did it and how I did it.PayPalI started off with a PayPal account since I already had one. I was quite hesitant to sell too many books too quickly because of all the bad press that PayPal had been having. I didn't want to see my account locked or suddenly be found unable to accept payments.

CakePHP schema shell gotcha

Ever had one of those "cannot load your schema.php" even though it's right there? Here's why...

Bulk package tracking for Australia Post with Google Docs

One of my companies sells animal onesies (buy one, because they are awesome), and it imports a good quantity of goods into Australia via EMS.
I hunted around for a website that would let me instantly see the status of my packages waiting to be delivered. Australia’s post website is pretty impressive, and I take my hats off to the agency responsible because they’ve done a good job; but I wanted an overview without clicking each box and/or reentering my package number a dozen times.
I tried a few iPhone apps, but having to type all of the numbers in one-by-one was a real pain, what I really wanted was a spreadsheet. Could Google Docs help me?
It turns out, yes it can. Google recently implemented a importXML function which lets us do all sorts of fancy things.

Uploader v3.6

A new version of Uploader has been released, version 3.6. Please download the new tag or view the documentation. If you have any questions, be sure to send me an email or comment on this post. If you run into any problems, be sure to report an issue on the Github repository.

Version: 3.6
Tested On: PHP 5.3, CakePHP 2.0.5
Requires: PHP 5.2, CakePHP 2.0
Commit Hash: d1f2f0c253d4c132836049dee6c84422155fb05e

  • Fixed PHP 5.4 strict errors
  • Fixed a bug where empty file uploads will still trigger validation
  • Added an allowEmpty option for Uploader::uploadAll()

VPNC ssh session stalls or hangs when running `ls -la`

Your MTU for your interface is incorrectly set.
“root@noc:/# vpnc yourcompany
Enter password for admin@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:
VPNC started in background (pid: 8444)…
Problem: MTU size missconfiguration
After you finally establish connection with your remote site you could
end up with successfull connection but as soon as you try to open some
file, or issue simple # ps aux command you get session freeze and you
are foced to close session. This is the MTU size missmatch. As you may
notice after creating vpnc connection you will get new interface that
is probably called tun0. Check out MTU size on that interface:
root@noc:/# ifconfig tun0

Smashingly Smacked

After my workshop in Brighton, I'll be heading to Freiburg, Germany. I was in Germany in March and I'm definitely excited to see more of the beautiful countryside and architecture. What brings me to Germany again? Smashing Conference. That's right. Smashing Magazine now has its own conference. Here's the sad part: it's already sold out. I know, I'm sorry. I really should've told you sooner.

On the upside, the SMACSS Workshop Tour will also be at Smashing Conference and there are still some tickets left. Considering how quickly everything has been selling, I'd definitely recommend getting your tickets sooner rather than later. (Last I heard, the workshop was already two-thirds full.)

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