SEO for CakePHP Websites

There is little web developers can do to get high rankings in search engines because most rankings are because of backlinks to your site, however we can better the possibility by utilizing fundamental rules that make more pages of your website indexed.
We develop in a framework called CakePHP.  It is getting very popular in the web development world.  However, CakePHP is simply what it is set out to be which is a framework and not a CMS or anything of that nature.  It is a framework that gives you a structured way to develop web applications and gives you handy tools to speed up the process.
Because of this, there is of course no SEO features built into its core.  However, with the number of SEO companies that are pushing our clients to implementing very important “SEO-Friendly” items, we have set out to make this a feature that is with every CakePHP application we develop.
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