Jailson! Access Control for CakePHP

I’ve written a access control plugin for CakePHP dubbed Jailson. It is completly transparent and auto integrates with Auth if present.

Some examples from the README, because code says more than a thousand words.. =)
// simple in and out

// related to another model
$this->User->lockAs('admin_of', $this->Project);
// testing
$this->User->is('admin_of', $this->Project); // true
$this->User->isNot('admin_of', $this->Project); // false

// array support
$this->User->lockAs(array('admin', 'member', 'reporter'), $this->Project);
// and-testing
$this->User->is(array('member', 'reporter'), $this->Project); // true
$this->User->is(array('member', 'reporter', 'watcher'), $this->Project); // false
$this->User->is(array('member', 'reporter', 'admin'), $this->Project); // true

// clear everything
// commit a test
$this->User->is('watcher_of', $this->Project, true); // where 'true' means: Create
$this->User->isNot('watcher_of', $this->Project, true); // where 'true' means: Delete

That was the simple interface to setup roles.
Here is how it integrates Auth.
public $components = array(
'Jailson.AclAuth' => array(
'deny' => array('*'),
'allow' => array(
'index' => array('member'),
'view' => array('member')
'add' => array('admin')
'edit' => array('admin')

You can even do this on AppController level. The Allow/Deny rules will inherit if the actions match. For more information have a look at the README.
Open for suggestions.
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