HTML5 Chainsaw For Destroying Lame April Fools' Jokes

In the past (see below) I've participated in April Fools' jokes, but this year I'm going the other way.
Drag the image below to your bookmarks bar and you've got yourself an HTML5 chainsaw for destroying lame April Fools' jokes. Or just click to activate on this page. Use your left mouse button to cut away the page.
Mr Cutty
Easter Eggs
There are a few Easter April Fools' Eggs that are triggered by using this on certain websites.  You could look at the code to figure them out, but what fun is that? Give it a try at the most popular code hosting site, or the best known tech news blog or your favorite search engine. I had a bunch more planned, but just ran out of time.
The code for this is available on GitHub. In addition to the default chainsaw there are several other weapons that are used for the April Fools' Eggs mention above.  Take a look at any of the files in /src/weapons to see how to create your own. I'll be taking pull requests and doing updates throughout the day. Watch my Twitter account for updates.
Sound effects are off by default. Look for an icon in the upper left to enable. I spent a lot of time and my own money producing these so please check them out.

  • Chrome 10 works great
  • Firefox 4 works, but can be slow
  • Safari 5 works great, can be slightly slow at times
  • IE9 works, but carnage only flows left and right, not down. I don't care enough to look into it.
  • All others untested

April Fools' Past
This was my first year making an April Fools' post and it was another code-y one.  It was a jQuery plugin that would hide a blog post and only reveal it a bit at a time. I was mocking the newish trend (at the time) to break posts into multiple pages to increase page views. The post made TechCrunch's April Fools' post, which was basically a giant list of all the jokes from around the web.
I went with multiple jokes last year.  The first was a post mocking A/B testing and the trend that you could generate a huge conversion increase by making a tiny change. This was also the birth of Mr Cutty!
I also changed the blog design to copy Jonathan Snook's. This was provoked by the rash of claims that one site stole another sites boring, generic design. Just because another site has some blue gradients doesn't mean they copied your design!
I also changed it for my Twitter avatar and had some fun there.

@snookca was great and played right back.

Of course some people missed the joke.  I actually got a fair amount of hate both in the post's comments and on twitter.

Some people got pretty close to making the April Fools' connection.

Later in the day I switched the design to a copy of Chris Shifflet's blog, included another comically bad Photoshop avatar.

By this point most people were on to me and I didn't get any hate.