So while I was doing my normal bike route yesterday my legs started cramping up like crazy. At first it wasn’t anything painful, so I just got off the bike drank some water and stretched the calves a little bit. Apon jumping onto the bike everything was feeling all good and peachy until 10 mins later when I had to stop because of cramps. It wasn’t a flat out “OMG CRAMPIIIINNNG” type feeling, it was more of a “oh, that was a weird fee- oh there it is again, why is my calf getting pangs of pain?”.
I decided to turn back earlier then I would normally and lucky I did so as my other leg cramped up really bad. A few tinges of pain then a roaring thunderous applause. Like I had just jumped out of a 747 without a parachute and landed in a 1m deep pool of water, and survived, but in my right calf. That kind of pain. Luckily I slowed down enough so that the fall off my bike was not so bad and I found myself a bench where I could sit down and wait till the pain went away and stretch my calves out in the mean time.
I eventually did get home, but it was a ginger ride home but I seem to be holding up well today.
Long story short, I need more bike accessories so that I don’t cramp.