Sunday Bike Ride #1

I have returned from my sunday bike ride with my Uncles James and Rainier, along with some of their friends. There was 6 of us in the group including myself.
Waking up at 6.20 in the morning is difficult, my uncle, Rainier, even called me at that time. Still couldn’t do it, so I woke up at 6.30. Our meeting point was at the intersection of South Rd and Beach Rd and our ETA from that point was 7.00. Our destination, Mordialloc Pier.
Apon departure of my home to get to the meeting point, I realised a mistake I had made. It was cold, even colder travelling on the bike. I was frantically searching for mail boxes containing the precious and rare junk mail. I had to ride  quite a bit of distance before I acquired said precious documents, but I did and I shoved it up under my jersey. It made me quite warm and the bike breeze bareable.
Apon arrival at the meeting point, James proceeded to introduce me to the othe r cyclists I did not know, Joe, Mike and Alex. I sure do hope those are their correct names. But someone was missing… My 6.20 wake up call had not yet arrived. Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuun. As it turns out, Rainier was just late.
We set off at a nice speed, a comfortable speed, then it kept increasing… and increasing… Until we were “cruising” at 30 km/h. James fell behind at the start, then soon after Mike (yellow jersey guy) did as well. Then we were four. I was behind two people in our pack of 4 and had no trouble keeping up, so I decided to make it more difficult for me and ride side by side with Rainier, with Joe (blue jersey guy) infront of me and Alex infront of Rainier. This was still quite a nice ride for me. Suddenly Joe (blue jersey guy), got tired or something and pulled out to the side. I accepted the challange of behind the pace maker and kept the pace of the 30km/h speed. While I was exerting an enormous amount of energy trying to keep the 30km/h pace, my co-pace maker Alex (red jersey guy), looked like he was taking a casual stroll through park. I was next to him trying to get air into my lungs. Was not a pretty site. After perhaps ~5km I had to pull out of pace making, otherwise I would’ve died. Joe (blue jersey guy) had no trouble reclaiming his pace making throne and I was happy to let him have it.
It was a fast ride for me, I could have kept up the pace making if the road was relatively flat, but it wasn’t, that portion of the ride was hilly and the co pace maker Alex (red jersey guy) kept plowing on up the hills at the same speed.
Rainier eventually got bored and sped ahead of the pack only to wait ahead for us to set the pace  for the rest of the 300m left till our destination.
Afterwards they we were talking about the pace and how that was faster then usual. Great.. on the day I ride, they rode faster then usual. Way to try and kill a guy. James and I started heading back after a little break and Rainier and the rest headed towards Frankston for a bit more of a ride. We rode at a good speed, not too difficult, not too slow. We overtook some people on a hill, and those people overtook us on the way down. There was a crash that we witnessed on a bike when a rider fell off hard. People were quick to assist and direct traffic to avoid further accidents. I did not witness the crash itself but I heard the rider fall and I would not have a clue as to what happened.
The rest of the ride was uneventful and slow as I was pretty burned out by the end of it and the South Road hills were of no help. Especially the 7-11 hill. One thing that didn’t hapen this time was that I didn’t cramp up, which was a good sign, but my back did hurt, which suggests that I need a bigger bike, as it’s only a 50cm bike and i’m 6’1″
Long story short, I need a new bike.