What’s to come

Well I thought I’d give you a guys a look at what’s coming up for this blog.
If you’ve used CakePHP for a while you would know that there are a fair few tutorials/guides floating around the web and even a few example applications at CakePHP but their are not very many complete guides.
So coming up in the foreseeable future, you will see a few example applications.
Expanded Blog
While the blog example at CakePHP gives you a good introduction to the framework, it doesn’t touch on many factors such as user authentication, comments, tags, categories, and an admin backend. So over the next few weeks I will start rolling out some parts to build a complete blog app.
Bulletin Board
Next app up on the chopping block will be a bulletin board app, I have already started development of this and got a bare bone structure going, this application takes advantage of many of CakePHP’s features such as Tree behavior etc. So like the blog, I will start posting the first part of this series in the upcoming weeks.
Please note, while the source code for each of these app’s will be available at the end of the series. There will be no plans to make these into plug ins.
Additionally, I’m far from a Cake(PHP) guru, I’m learning just like the majority of readers out there, so if you see code that is incorrect or can be improved, feel free to post your fix so we can improve these apps as they go.
Not a one trick pony
I’ve also started working with Zend Framework (blasphemy!), so expect to see some posts about the Zend Framework in the next coming weeks/months (probably months).