CakeFest 3 roundup

So the world is back to normal, sleep has been had, and now we are all (those present as well as those not), wondering what happened at #CakeFest 3.

First and foremost, there was played a lot of ForkMaster!
Gwoo and Felix playing ForkMaster
We also found a great place called Zaim Lounge Default
It had tubes, juice, beer and food. It also did have a bad case of extremely rude waitresses, but four of five isnt bad.
Default, the place to be
Andreas, Eskil, Dirk, Yando, Graham, Daniel, Garrett, Felix, Gary, Neil, Mariano, Cindy, Marius, Nate (and several others) inside Default
Thanks goes from both us at CakeFest and to the lucky restaurant to the kind person that supplied the unsecured wifi called "default".
We went to an awesome bar/club/restaurant called either Diamond Lounge, White Trash or Both. Images from this place has been cencored, but if you know where to look, they are on a tube somewhere
It wasnt all giggles though, some serious talks where held
Gwoo, Neil, Felix and Joël
If you are wondering what they talked about, the videos are promised to be published soon, but appearently there has been some technical difficulties. Until then, Graham Weldon was better at taking notes than me:

Other wrap ups:

And you can already download slides and code snippets from

Another way of getting a little insight into our crazy week, is taking a look at

About my own presentation..
I will do a writeup on it on this blog in the next few days.
I hope to see you at the next CakeFest, I know I won't miss it for all the Club-Mate in Germany