Zend framework 1.5 released, good?

Zend has released version 1.5 of their framework. I must admit I never really tried it, but the release of the new version made me curious about it. My goal is to develop high quality web applications and I want to use DRYA (don't repeat yourself or another - just thought about that, why would anyone reinvent the weel). I just took a look at their press release and noticed that for at least one person his wildest dreams are coming true... The first thing that interests me is that they claim to have some contribution by Google and Microsoft. Of course, this sounds great, and I think it is something that is necessary for a framework to survive. But, could it also be a threat? Is CakePHP a less commercial framework and more open? I can do with CakePHP whatever I want. There are lots of great components and I can easily integrate or write other solutions. Zend framework 1.5 has support for OpenID and LDAP and supports APIs of YouTube, Flickr and Amazon. From their Press release: * Forms – Zend Framework now supports forms, including Ajax usage patterns that make building and using web-based forms much easier. * Layout and view – Layout support and view enhancements make it easier than ever to implement a consistent look and feel throughout PHP applications and save developers time by keeping web application views componentized. * LDAP authentication – Zend Framework now comes with enterprise-ready authentication through support for LDAP technology. * Lucene search engine – Now it is possible to implement advanced queries using wildcards, date ranges, and fuzzy searches from within a Zend Framework application. * Extended Ajax support – Zend Framework’s server-side support for Ajax with action helpers to automate Ajax detection and responses now make programming using JavaScript & PHP much easier. * UTF-8 character sets in Adobe PDF creation – Zend Framework’s PDF support has been enhanced to enable non-Latin character sets such as Kanji, Cyrillic, and many others. * Google GData web services – Significant enhancements to Google Data services now make it easier than ever to build web applications that leverage the Google application network. New in Zend Framework 1.5 is support for upload and write capabilities to Google YouTube.I think we will see a new kind of war, like we had in the past with our browsers. Now, CakePHP and Zend will both try to innovate (or copy) and get the largest market share. Maybe, some others will get into this war too, but these two will be mainstream. I think this will result in better frameworks which will be ready for Web 3.0. They are not right now, but I predict and their future improvements will focus on Web 3.0 stuff to make the Semantic Web reachable for Web developers like me.Follow Zend framework and CakePHP on Google Trends (blue is CakePHP, red is Zend Framework):