Project: Double Meta Refresh Update

I have now implemented a CSV type upload feature for the double meta refresh project that I have happenning. It’s going along pretty well, I haven’t encoutered any problems yet, except for a limitation with the CakePHP framework where a $model->saveAll() wont’ work on a HABTM relationship. But it doesn’t matter.
I’m thinking of opening it up for beta testing in the near future, but if someone wants access now, just drop in a comment and register to the site and I should be able to give you access.
The task I am trying to accomplish now is to implement the groups for urls. This feature is to replace the per link country redirection to a group based country redirection. So if you have a whole batch of links that you uploaded via CSV, you wouldn’t have to edit each link so that only the US ips get through. You would just edit the group. Saves you lots of time.
Long story short, I need to get this done quicker so I can get rich quicker.